Your Flat Roof is Failing!!
What System do you have and what are your possible solutions?

Added on 14 July 2016

So your flat roof needs some attention, you've noticed the damp patch appearing on your internal ceiling/wall and you go into panic mode. Dependant on the type of flat roof you have, we are happy to investigate the cause for you and prepare a quotation dependant on the type and age of roof system in place.

Cold Roof

This is where your roof is insulated between the rafters directly above your ceiling leaving a gap of at least 2 inches between the insulation and the roof deck. The waterpoofing system is placed directly onto the deck above and then covered with surface protection. This system requires adequate ventilation to prevent condensation. If your cold roof is failing, it is possible to repair using 'Patch Repair' Compounds and techniques which will give you time to make arrangements to have the re-roof organised at the right time of year, but this is quite often a short term solution. If your roof is not suitable for patch repairs due to the condition and age, it is strongly recommended to convert this to a 'Warm Roof' system.

Warm Roof

This system is where your insulation is placed on top of your roofing deck and is highly recommended for all domestic properties. First a suitable Vapour Control layer is installed on to the roof deck, followed by rigid insulation boards fitted directly on top and then your chosen waterproofing system is fitted directly on to the insulation. This system is usually the most recommended for domestic properties due to there being no requirement for ventilation which is often not possible in domestic properties due to abutment walls.  If you are converting to this system from the cold roof system, the previous insulation will need to be removed, if this is not possible, we will calculate how much insulation is required above the deck to prevent condensation.

If you already have a Warm Roof system and it is failing, we may need to remove core samples of the roof system to investigate for moisture in the insulation and make good, while we provide you with results of the tests and solutions to put it right. This involves removing sections of the three layers directly to the roof deck so that we can see the extent of the water ingress and report back to you the level at which repairs will need to be carried out.

Please call us to investigate your misbehaving flat roof on 02392 664012 or complete the online form here

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