Domestic Services

So, the roof on your home is mis-behaving, the flashings around your chimney have perished, a couple of ridge tiles have fallen off, the rest are looking in very bad shape. When the ridge tiles fell off they damaged a few Slates/Tiles on the way down, some are split, some cracked and others have just fallen into the gutter. The breathable membrane under your tiles is now non-existant and the condensation is building up in your roof space which is not insulated. The Bay window has started leaking and left nasty water marks on the ceiling in your front room, as has the velux window on your flat roof extension and the felt was damaged in the last storm and you're concerned that it won't make it through another winter. 

All the above problems and many more are what we deal with every day. If your roof has not had much in the way of TLC over the last 10 years then the chances are these issues will soon present themselves.

We have over 30 skilled and experienced operatives that cover all aspects of roofing for your home, our directors were roofers themselves as boys and took over their father business, so you can be rest assured that we know what we are talking about. 

Please contact us for your free quotation for repair works, refurbishments or new extensions and we will give you options to suit your requirements.