IKO High Performance Warm Roof System

SFPR were working on this block of flats in Bognor Regis using an IKO high performance warm roof system. It’s just common sense that of course the warm roof is the preferred flat roof system for the UK climate.  I mean just take a look outside, yuck!

In warm roof construction, the thermal insulation layer is installed above the structural deck. This keeps the structural decking, usually constructed from timber, steel or concrete at the same temperature levels as the internal temperature of the building.

To prevent interstitial condensation – condensing of any moisture that has been vaporised rising from the building into the structure of the roof – an air and vapour control layer is required beneath the thermal insulation.

The finishing layer is a waterproof covering installed over the insulation to offer protection from the elements. IKO Polymeric single ply roofing membrane or a PVC roofing membrane are particularly robust, homogenous choices for waterproofing solutions.

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