Modern IKO Armourplan PVC Single System

SFPR together with IKO Polymeric have completed this modern and rather unusually shaped IKO Armourplan PVC single system fully adhered roof to Northern Parade School for Portsmouth City Council.
This project spec required a steeply pitched roof at 45°, levelling out at eaves to approx. 35°. Aesthetics were the key criteria for this project and an excellent standard of workmanship was needed in order to minimise the effect of ghosting through the insulation boards. IKO Polymeric’s PVC standing seam profiles provided a perfect solution as it gave the roof the desired effect whilst also keeping the cost down, and thanks to their flexibility they were easy for the team to install.

IKO Armourplan PSG was chosen for this project due to its superior reinforcement and ease of installation. It is a product unique to IKO Polymeric, and uses premium quality PVC throughout.

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